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Nanowrimo -- Day 3

Day 1 Word Total: 757/1,667

Overall Word Total: 4969/50,000

Words Left To Write: 45,031/50,000

Today's Words:

The next morning heading to lacrosse practice, Scott leans in and tells Stiles, "The bite is gone! I think I can play today!"

"What do you mean, 'gone'?" Stiles asks, holding the door to the locker room open for Scott, who looks absolutely thrilled. Stiles saw the way he watched that new girl at lunch the day before, and he doesn't like it. Scott is not supposed to get a girlfriend before Stiles. That's not how this friendship is supposed to go. Lydia is supposed to fall in love with Stiles and they'll go to college together and be that couple and after they both graduate they'll get married and save the world together. Scott can meet his future life partner at the wedding.

But this is not Stiles' fantasy land, this is real life where Lydia doesn't even know Stiles is alive and mysterious non-aging boys show up in the woods and Scott has a disappearing wolf bite.

"I mean gone," Scott insists, hiking up the side of his shirt to show off his pristine skin. "See?"

"Dude!" Stiles cries, pulling up Scott's shirt even more. "Since when have you had abs?"

Scott blushes and gets a dopey smile on his face as he changes into his practice gear. "I don't know. I've been working out a lot this year, trying to make first line."

Agape, Stiles says, "Well, it's working!"

Stiles doesn't say anything more, but his brain starts working on the problem, reaching a fever pitch as Scott pulls off some crazy-ass spiderman shit to make a goal. Okay, so the facts. Scott was bit by some sort of big animal that may have been a wolf, but definitely gave Stiles the creeps. Scott is now miraculously healed, he's doing crazy stunts he shouldn't be able to do, and Stiles hasn't seen Scott use his inhaler in at least two days.

Stiles knows the conclusion he'd like to reach, but he needs more data. And he'd like to go back to the woods – before it gets dark – to check out the area and look for signs of– Stiles can't even think the word. To look for whatever the fuck bit Scott.

And if Stiles veers them a little off course to the place where his dad found Derek, well, two birds, one stone, right?

He wants to mention his plan to Scott at lunch, but all the lacrosse guys keep congratulating Scott and Stiles can't get a word in edgewise. Stiles' eyes wander around the lunchroom as he ignores the lacrosse talk, and he notices that someone is sitting across from Boyd. No one sits with Boyd. Stiles isn't quite sure why, he's never thought about it, but it's common knowledge. Boyd eats lunch alone. So who's this new person attempting to rattle the status quo? Stiles approves.

He sees the newcomer again in study hall and for the life of him, Stiles cannot tell if Jaime Bitar is a really feminine boy or a really masculine girl. Jaime's skin is sort of a medium golden brown and her (Stiles is going with "her" until proven otherwise because once he looked up zygote development and all humans will grow up to be female unless they have a functional Y-chromosome, so it's basically the default) hair is jet black and cut in sort of a longer-Beiber that gives nothing away. Her clothes are too baggy to show boobs or a package, and neither particularly masculine or feminine. It's a puzzle and Stiles likes puzzles, so he's probably staring a lot more than what's polite.

It's probably the only reason he sees the threatening shove that jackass Tom Bennett gives Jaime right before the bell rings. Usually Stiles celebrates the end of the school day with a victory fist-bump, but there's something about the look in Tom's eye and the way he whispers to his friend, Carson-something, that makes Stiles uneasy.

It's not stalking if you have a legitimate concern for someone's safety, right? Stiles is so caught up with watching Jaime's back that he does a full-body double take when he sees Derek Hale and Melissa McCall in the administrative office. What-the-what?

If Stiles goes to investigate this thing with Derek, he'll lose track of whatever Tom and Carson are planning for Jaime. Please, god, Stiles thinks to himself, don't let it be dead bio rats. Don't let it be dead bio rats. Stiles didn't get the smell of formaldehyde out of his hair for almost a month.