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Nanowrimo -- Day 5

Day 5 Word Total: 1,105/1,667

Overall Word Total: 6506/50,000

Words Left To Write: 43,494/50,000

Today's Words:

"The pain makes it pretty believable," Stiles replies with a grimace. The way Jaime smiles at Stiles feels nice for about two seconds before it starts to make him uncomfortable. "Well, I gotta go. Lacrosse practice and everything."

He gets halfway to the door before Jaime blurts out from behind him, "Are you going to Homecoming?"

The question stops Stiles in his tracks. It's been Homecoming all week, with the game the next night, Friday (Stiles will be warming the bench like always), and the big dance on Saturday. Stiles has never been asked to a dance before. He's asked Lydia six times before, but she's ignored him every time.

The question here is does he want to wait for Lydia to stop ignoring him, or does Stiles want to actually have a date to a dance? Does he want to go with a girl he just met because she thinks he's this heroic person that he's totally not? Ooh, or maybe going with Jaime will show Lydia that Stiles is totally datable and make her rethink her ignoring tactic. Yeah, Stiles likes this plan. He smiles and asks, "Would you like to be my date?"

Eyes wide, Jaime nods her head and says in this squeaky voice that makes Stiles feel vaguely embarrassed for her, "Y-yes! I'll go!"

"Great," he says. "Good! Grand, even. So, we'll make more plans tomorrow? At lunch?" Stiles realizes they're having this conversation in the boys' bathroom, so he opens the door and waves Jaime ahead of him.

She agrees and then runs off and Stiles feels pretty good about himself. Well, he does until he gets to practice and Scott says, "My mom adopted a butthole."

The absurdity of Scott's phrasing gives Stiles pause and he has to shake his head at Scott and glare, demanding an explanation.

"I guess your dad found some kid in the woods yesterday–"

"I am aware, yes." Stiles nods and makes a "get on with it" motion with his hand.

"And they can't figure out who he belongs to."

Because he's a crazy and/or non-aging freak of nature, Stiles thinks. Again it hits him how much it must suck being stuck in the midst of puberty for much longer than is natural. Stiles, for one, can't wait to finally fill out and lose his gangly appearance.

"So my mom told them since she's already a licensed foster parent, she'd take him in. Without even asking me first! And he wouldn't even say hello, just stood there, sniffing at me like a creeper. I have to share a bathroom with him!" Scott huffs in frustration and Stiles is sure he sees a flash of odd color in Scott's eyes.

"Hold up," Stiles says, ignoring the eye thing for now (but sure as shit he's coming back to it in a minute because kosher it is not). "Derek Hale is living at your house! Why are you just telling me this now?"

"Because I just found out." Scott frowned again. "She brought him by school last period to introduce us and get him registered for classes. He just glared at me with this scary look in his eyes. I'm going to end up sleeping with one eye open so he doesn't try to kill me and take my place! It's bad enough that something really weird is going on. I'm not even sure where I woke up this morning. What am I going to do? Something coukd be really wrong with me – like a brain tumor!"

"Okay, things we're going to visit today," Stiles says, clutching Scott's shoulder and pulling him to the side of the locker room. "Number one – you don't have a brain tumor."

"Then what? Some sort of virus?"

"You could say that," Stiles agrees. "Luckily for you, it only matters once a month."

"Once a month?"

"Yeah," Stiles replies, taking what little delight he can in Scott's thickheadedness. "The full moon is this Saturday and I have to say, things aren't looking good for you on that front."

"Saturday? But that's Homecoming! I was gonna ask Allison! Wait, why is the full moon a bad thing?"

Stiles ignores Scott's question and moves on, "Things we're talking about today, number two – when did your mom become a foster parent? And three – I seriously doubt Derek is going to try to kill you in your sleep, unless he finds out you're a werewolf and goes all hunter on your ass."

"A werewolf? Really Stiles?" Scott asks, punching Stiles in the arm way harder than he ever had before.

"Okay, ow," Stiles says with a grimace. "How else do you explain what's going on with you?"

Eyes wide with fright, Scott replies, "I don't know! What if it's true? What if Derek finds out and tells my mom? What if I can't take Allison to the dance?"

"Sucks to be you," Stiles responds with a shrug. "I mean, even I have a date."

Jackson Whittemore interrupts by clapping a hand on Stiles' shoulder and asking, "Who would agree to go to Homecoming with a third-line loser like you?" Jackson's best friend Danny snorts in amusement beside him.

"That new girl, Jaime. I was her knight in shining armor." Jackson's giving Stiles a weird look and then meeting Danny's eyes with a smirk. "What?"

Danny replies for both of them, "Stiles, Jaime is a guy." Laughing, he holds out his fist for a bump and says, "Welcome to the club!"

"What?" Stiles asks, caught off guard more than he would have liked. "No, Jaime's a girl. Unless either of you are familiar with her business first-hand, you can't convince me she's a he." Stiles looks to Scott for support and his best friend nods decidedly, like the bestest best friend he is, always having Stiles' back. This is one of the many reasons Stiles is going to help Scott through this whole werewolf debacle. Because they've got each other's backs. Always.

"Okay," Jackson shrugs. "All I'm saying is don't be surprised when you're making out at the end of the night and Mr. Happy makes an appearance."

Stiles opens his mouth to make a retort, but before he can, Coach Finstock blows his whistle and yells at them to hurry up. As Stiles changes into his gear, he wonders what he'll do if Jaime shows up to the dance in a tux. He'll probably just roll with it and not give Jackson the satisfaction of laughing at him for calling it off if Jaime really is a guy.